Tomorrow we leave for our much anticipated Disney Cruise to Mexico!!!  I've been waiting months for the day to come when we leave for the ship and it's finally here!  We've never been on a cruise, and Parker has been asking me almost everyday if we get to leave for our cruise yet.  So, I've been super busy getting everything ready at work and at home to be gone for 8 days....no time for scrapping :(  But of course I'll have a bazillion pictures when we get back, so I'll be scrappin'!  Wish i was going to Scrapbook Paradise camp this year since I could really use 3 uninterrupted days to scrapbook.  I plan on going next year, and I'm sure I'll have plenty more pics and books to work on by then! 

Hope you are all enjoying fall!  Fall is my FAVORITE season!  I love the crisp air, apple farms, and falling acorns...love it!  Have a great week.  I'll post pics of my princess girl when we get back.

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