The first day of 1st grade!!

Parker's first day of 1st grade!!  Cummings Valley Elementary School with Mrs. Sullivan.

New backpack and haircut!!

Mrs. Sullivan

True Vintage!

Zoie is such a doll!  With her brilliant blue eyes and fair skin, she's a perfect match for this pretty pink dress.  This dress was made for me by my Great-Grandma Ruby (Zoie's Great Great-Grandma).   I have pics of Parker in this dress also...I'll have to dig them out one day and scrapbook them both together!  Now, that's an idea!!  :)  But for now, here's the pics of Zoie...


babies food...

I made an entire month's amount of baby food in a matter of 2 hours!  Apples, Pears, Greenie Beanies, Avocado, and Sweet potatoes.  I felt so accomplished after this, I think I was smiling about as big as these cute little jars!  Who knew that making baby food would feel so good! :)