Parker's 7th birthday

Let it go! Let it go!
Parker had a FROZEN inspired birthday party for her 7th birthday. 

Mother Nature (or was it Queen Elsa) helped out with the perfect white backdrop!

It WAS queen Elsa!  ;)

Don't worry, the cold never bothered her anyway!!  (hee-hee)
(Super cute applique tank and headband are made locally from Dudes and Dolls Boutique)

After a few months of "prep time" and brainstorming with Parker, the food and decor was decided on and it came together really well.

The banner was made with doilies, vinyl letters (cut using my silhouette machine), and tulle.  There are also some icicle twinkle lights behind the banner for added *sparkle*

I love to bake and decorate the sweet treats!  That's my favorite part.  There are only a few special events that I get to bake a cake for, and I take advantage of Parker's birthday party to make a girly, frilly, sparkly, fun cake!!  Each tier is two-layered and has blue frosting in between layers.  This is the white cake recipe I went with, and it was very easy to work with when frosting and stacking the layers (plus, it tastes yummy!)

The cake was decorated with pearl candies and "icicle" sticks (rock candy ;))  oh, and a little royal icing for the Elsa snowflake and swirls.  YUM!

We decided to make a snack or treat based on 6 of the main characters from the movie.  Below are a few examples of what we made (honestly, I forgot to take pics of the rest since the guests started arriving)
Queen Elsa's Icy Snowballs  -  white chocolate covered  marshmellows with sprinkles
Sven's Antlers  -  pretzel sticks
Prince Hans Traitor tots  -  tater tots and pizza rolls
Olaf's noses  -  carrots with ranch dip
Princess Anna's frozen heart  -  strawberries with homemade whipped cream
Kristoff's Ice Blocks  -  blue jello jigglers
we also had some meringue "snow" puffs, Fjord Freeze blue juice and some very special cookies that were decorated with Elsa, Anna, and Olaf (pic is on my phone and will need to be added later)

No party would be complete without games, so we did "pin the nose on Olaf' and "Do you want to build a snowman" partner game.  I think they were both a hit with the kids.  Prizes were a little golden book of -what else- the FROZEN story.

Build a snowman winners!!  Each team of two had to use an entire roll of toilet paper, add a hat and scarf, and buttons to complete the ensemble.  So fun to race against friends!!
Birthday girl Parker being sung to!

I LOVE YOU! <3 font="">