florida family fun!

Florida Family Fun Time!
We were able to make a trip to Florida to visit family and go to Walt Disney World for a couple days! :)  Here are a few snapshots that summarize our trip.
Pool time fun!

Can you tell that Parker loves the pool??  Maybe we can convince daddy that we need a pool in the yard...

All tuckered out...   can't have too many Minnies!

Character dinner with Aunt Mary and Julian!  Here's a few of the characters that we were able to meet.  I think I had the most fun (according to Aunt Mary ;) )

Uncle Rigo's birthday dinner at Benihana!  Always a fun way to get a little "show" with your dinner! (How do they toss that egg without breaking it??)

Family funny pose :P    You can't see it, but we're trying to replicate the poses of the Alice in Wonderland topiaries behind us.  I just love Zoie in this picture; she's like "get me outta here!"  lol!!
Crazy teacup riders...Parker's in there somewhere :) 

Epcot Center (Ethan's favorite; although I'm not sure why.  Maybe all the difference cuisine in the World Showcase)

My little poser (in her Jesse hat - notice the red braid - too cute!)

So, there's a new element to the World Showcase - an Agent P mission.  In each country, you can take a journey with Agent P (Perry the Platypus) and work to defeat Dr Doofenshmirtz (?)  It was pretty cool, and kept Parker involved throughout the country.  We completed 2 missions, the one for England (see below) and the mission in Japan.  It's an interactive mission, for example, Parker was instructed to find the phone booth and get in then hit the button on the phone for the next instructions...a golf ball came rolling out of a tube in the phone booth!  Then it said to take the ball to the golf ball analyzinator in the shop across the street(I forget the name)...anyway, it went on and on like this so that basically we were walking all over the country.  We went thru the tea garden and to the back of the pub until finally we were able to dismantle Dr Doofenshmirtz even scheme.  Pretty cool.  Parker had a good time with it.  (*side note*  if you plan to complete the mission in each country, start early and plan to be in each country at least a half hour.)

After Walt Disney World, we headed back to Aunt Mary's and Uncle Rigo's place for a few more days of relaxing! 
Here is Zoie in her new favorite place :)  I think she figured it was a safe place away from the licking dogs and better yet, it was soft and cozy. 

Some added excitement -- Parker lost her top tooth the last night we were there!  Thankfully the tooth fairy came through with a Magic Kingdom Gold Coin!!  Wow!  Can't get much better than that.  :) 
BIG THANKS goes out to Aunt Mary & Uncle Rigo for such a magical trip!  We love to visit the Olariaga Resort!
One last bit of thanks goes out to Julian for giving up his room for the week and playing so well with Parker all week!