My little "Beauby"!!

August 2010 pics

Parker decided that she wanted to be "Beauby" (that's how she says Beauty...so cute:)  So, this time when we went to Disneyland, I took her to the Bippity Boppity Boutique to get her hair done up like a "real" princess and her nails painted.  She had a crown and a HUGE blingy pink ring.  Of course the dress is the real treat!  She was wanting a Beauby dress for months and was all too excited when she finally got to wear it.  Of course after getting all princessed up, we had to go meet the princesses!  When it was finally our turn, Parker was SOOO excited to see that Beauby was there!!  Belle was so friendly and took the time to talk with Parker and said she was so happy to be twinsies with such a cute little girl! 


Back to school time already?!?!?!

I can't believe the summer is technically over (even though I enjoy summer all the way through September with Parker since she's really not in school yet)  So I have tons to catch up on...
Here's Parker at her 3 year old birthday party!  She had a princess Tiana (Princess and the Frog) Party!  So fun!
Bubbles as a party favor were a hit!
Here's an albino deer that Ethan saw on the side of our property one day. It's so nice to see wildlife roaming the neighborhood.
This tree is located right along the outside of our fence.  When the racoon came up to the fence, Chongo (our black lab) was right on that and scared the racoon into the tree where he stayed for 2 days.  The racoon didn't know that Chongo was inside the fence and so couldn't get him even if he came down and Chongo didn't know either and so continued to bark for 2 days and nights.  Quite the pair!  Finally, we got smart and brought Chongo in one night so the poor racoon could climb down and go away.
This is a picture of my mom telling a little bit of her "World Vision" story on stage with Luci Swindol at a Women of Faith conference in Las Vegas.  I'm going to try to post her video here on line for all to see...it's such an amazing story!
The 1st Disneyland trip of the summer 2010!
We saw princess Tiana singing and dancing in New Orleans square and then...they asked Parker to come up on the stage with Tiana!!  So cool (notice Parker is wearing the perfect shirt for the occasion :)
Next we went to see some of the princesses and was delighted to once again see Tiana!
We saw Ariel...
and then we saw Beauby (that's how Parker says it)!  So Beauby became Parker's new favorite princess.  You'll see more about that in some future pictures from our most recent trip to Disneyland!


We're on the move again!!

It's only a couple streets away, but we're moving again.  We really like this neighborhood here in Tehachapi, so we're staying in the same area, just getting a place of our own.  I wasn't too sure if I liked the idea of buying a house here (since I don't want to be here for more than a few years), but it made sense for us financially since owning is not much more per month than renting.  Not too mention I won't have to have white walls again!!  Yea!  So this is the view of the house from the street.  Pretty cute place and surrounded by Oaks, so that makes Ethan happy. :)

I have sooo much to post about, but I won't be able to tonight :(  sorry...

Stay tuned for:
*Parker's 3rd Birthday
*My parents trip to Africa!!
*Women of Faith video of my parents in Africa (SO COOL!)
*The new house, of course.
*more Parker pics...

Stay tuned for more fun info about our lives in teeny tiny tehachapi!


Worth it's "wait" in GOLD ;-)

There's something amazing about rainbows!  I absolutely love rainbows.  Maybe it's the bright splash of color against a dreary sky, or the science behind how a rainbow happens, or the reminder of a promise made so long ago....I just love rainbows.

It seems fitting to finally be posting this layout especially since there's a heavy downpour outside right now.  I've had this layout in the back of my mind for about a year and finally got to it.  Of course it turned out a little different than the picture in my mind, but I love the end result!

This kit is only $10.00 and comes with everything you see.  Different colors of ink have been used for the clouds and mats (for $1 extra, I will apply the ink if you would like). 

Check out my contact info, and let me know if you'd like a kit!

Do you have someone in your life that brightens your day?  This kit is for those "Pot O' Gold" people in your life.  Maybe a special grandparent or friend.  Possibly a family pet or wonderful niece or a special kid having an ordinary day at the park!

Gold shimmer paper was used throughout:
for the title, the pot of gold and the photo corners.
The Gold Stickles for the flower centers are done for you!

I love using Silhouette designs and Quickutz dies together.  Even though the companies have separated into two companies, the digital designs and the hard dies work beautifully together!  Check them out if you haven't already.


what WAS i thinking!

A short month, a full time job, AND two layouts????  who was I kidding??  Ok, so I still have two days to get the other layout finished and posted, but I'll be in Long Beach tomorrow, so the odds of that happening....well they're very very slim.  The good news is....I interviewed for my position last week; the bad news is....they still haven't announced the positions in our district  :(  The other good news is, I have another niece!!  That's why we're going to Long Beach tomorrow.  yea!!!   The other-other good news is that my parents are home from Africa safe and sound and they had a "life changing" trip!  Can't wait to hear all the details.  My mom and dad are also being featured in the World Vision/Women of Faith Ad that goes in the Women of Faith programs for the 2010 events around the country....pretty cool right?!?  As soon as I get one, I'll post the picture here.  Thanks for all your prayers for my folks. 

Anyway, sorry about the delay on the 2nd layout....again, what was I thinking?!  ;-)



this is the month of love!  so, whether you have a special someone, a special furry friend, a wonderful kid, or if the thing you love comes in a starbucks cup (wink wink ;), I've got the perfect kit for you.  This kit is filled with lots of extra goodies that add to the beautiful paper from bobunny! {buttons, ribbon, tulle, flowers, heart clip, chipboard} 
i'm LOVING bobunny lately!  
add in 3-4 photos of one or several of your loves on one layout!


to add a little sparkle, just add a little red stickles to the hearts on the background!

Stay tuned later this month for another layout!!


A case of the mondays....

New layout coming VERY soon!!

Here's the latest about my job...  Two weeks ago I accepted a position with Home Depot that's called Associate Coordinator (AC).  The AC handles scheduling and training duties for the store.  So, I'm all ready to go full time and started my "training" at another store....and half way through the week, this is the news I get:  the AC position is being eliminated, as well as the HR generalists (2-3 per district HR managers).  Good thing is there is a new position titled Associate Support Department Supervisor, which is basically a combination of the scheduling and HR duties....perfect for me!  Especially since I know all the HR duties (even though I never had the title of HR manager, that's what I did for HD in Reno).  Problem is, since it's a "new" position, I have to re-interview.  Which also means anyone interested can interview as well...including the displaced HR managers (3 in my district).  Luckily, the Tehachapi store is the furthest away in our district and I don't think any of the HR generalists will apply to our store for the new position since they'd be taking a pay cut and having to drive an hour to get to work.  Still, it makes me a little nervous because I'm the new face in this district and I've been doing bookkeeping since moving here, so I've got to convince my store manager that I know and am capable of doing the new position.  Great thing is that my previous 2 store managers each wrote letters of recommendation for me (I am so thankful that they were very willing to write one for me) as well as one of the previous HR managers that mentored me in the HR program.  It's good to keep professional relationships going since you never know when you may need help! :)  Anyway, I haven't heard when I'll be interviewing again, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Keep my parents in your prayers too!  They are in Africa this week and we don't have contact, so I'm just praying that they'll enjoy the adventure of seeing a totally different culture and environment (I'm praying for no bed bugs :)  Plus, I pray that my mom is able to get in enough hugs to last for a very long time since this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for my folks to be able to put their arms around the family that they've been able to impact so much through a wonderful organization called World Vision.  Check it out if you're interested in making a difference in a child's life!

And last but not least....since I'm having a "case of the Mondays", I thought I'd post a fun picture from our latest adventure.  Snowboarding in Mammoth....I forgot how much I missed sailing down the mountain with a board strapped to my feet!!!  WEEEEE!!!!


Newest addition to the baby album repertoire...

Hi all!!  This is the week that my parents leave for Africa!!  They are about to have the most amazing adventure as they are able to meet their African family (The family they've sponsored through World Vision).  They'll be leaving on thursday and coming back the beginning of February.  I'll post pictures as soon as I get some from their trip.  Keep them in your prayers as they have very long flights and have to make a quick stop in Sudan (not a friendly place!)

SARAH UPDATE:  I've accepted a full time position (still at The Home Depot).  Although I was just notified today of a few changes to the position; I think it will be mostly Monday - Friday.  I'm so excited about the idea of having a couple days off with my hubby!  We'll even be able to go to church together.  More to come on this!

Here's the latest project that I've been working on.  I'm getting a little faster at making a "first year" album.  I love the divided sheet protectors from We R Memory Keepers.  I use the 8X8 album and then add in additional divided sheets throughout so the new parents can add pictures and journaling really easy!  One full page and at least one divided sheet protector for each month as well as one for Christmas, Sleep pics, and first food (this was one of my favorite pages....so fun!  Frogs eating bugs...yum-yum ;)

My new little niece, Emiko, is due to be born at the end of February...can't wait!  The nursery is being done with monkeys and frogs. As you can tell, I tried to match that theme!

Do you see the crown in this layout?  It's the saying about kissing frogs to find a prince.  :)

Here's the first food page.  It says "Frogs have it made - they get to eat what bugs them."  Cute right?!


Gymnastics class today...

on thursdays, Parker goes to gymnastics class.  she's the youngest in the class, but keeps pace with all the other kids.  she's learned so much and loves to go and jump around!


Happy Monday...

So, it's Monday.  I have 1 1/2 weeks to finish the baby album I'm doing....and I'm not sure if I'm going to make it!!  Gotta get to work!  I think I'll cut it close.  I'll keep you posted about how it ends up.  You know I'll post pics of some of the finished layouts from the album...but in the meantime, I'd like to say just how much I love the little sprout line of paper from fancy pants.  It's so....well, STINKING CUTE!  :)

Hope you are all having a great week!