We're on the move again!!

It's only a couple streets away, but we're moving again.  We really like this neighborhood here in Tehachapi, so we're staying in the same area, just getting a place of our own.  I wasn't too sure if I liked the idea of buying a house here (since I don't want to be here for more than a few years), but it made sense for us financially since owning is not much more per month than renting.  Not too mention I won't have to have white walls again!!  Yea!  So this is the view of the house from the street.  Pretty cute place and surrounded by Oaks, so that makes Ethan happy. :)

I have sooo much to post about, but I won't be able to tonight :(  sorry...

Stay tuned for:
*Parker's 3rd Birthday
*My parents trip to Africa!!
*Women of Faith video of my parents in Africa (SO COOL!)
*The new house, of course.
*more Parker pics...

Stay tuned for more fun info about our lives in teeny tiny tehachapi!