what i love about christmas time...

twinkle lights
the stillness of fresh falling snow
christmas carols
the story of jesus in the manger
brisk air on my cheeks
smell of the christmas tree
goody baskets for friends and neighbors
twinkle lights
christmas cards from family/friends
peppermint sticks 
the crunchy sound of snow beneath my boots
anticipation of santa
counting our blessings
hot cocoa
special recipes that we only have once or twice a year
christmas countdown from my daughter
***did I mention twinkle lights? ;)***
I love sitting in the soft glow of the christmas tree just breathing in the season.
(sigh...thank you Jesus!)

2012 has been a great year of transition for our family.  We've been blessed with another daughter, Zoie; Ethan is excelling at his job as branch manager and accepted a position as worship pastor in our new church, I went to part time status at work in April (yay!), and Parker started "Big School" (which means Kindergarten)!  It was also the year of the house...Ethan and his dad painted the outside of our house; we also had the interior ceilings scraped; moved the classroom to the living room and created a nursery for Zoie.  Unfortunately, I think 2013 will also be the year of the house since we need a new kitchen floor and countertops as well as a dishwasher that actually washes the dishes.  So, that story continues...as well as the blessings in our lives.

My new year's resolution..."be on time"    I never used to be the late one, and now I'm known for it...how did that happen???  So my ONE resolution is to be on time.  I think it's rude to make other people wait for me or to interrupt a situation because of lateness, so I'm going to try really really hard to make it right.  I know it means waking up earlier, or getting ready earlier but I'm willing to do it to be known as the early one

I pray you all had a very Merry Christmas and that you have a safe and healthy New Year!!