the twilight zone

I think I live in the twilight zone.  I don't ever remember living in a place where there are SO many grumpy, bitter, crabby people.  Seriously, I'd bet that 80% of the community is grumpy and mad about something all the time.  It's crazy!  Some days I think to myself, "self, this day is going to be different, people will realize how blessed we all really are, maybe everyone will be smiling today..."  hmmmm, that thought usually doesn't last long.  I really don't get it?!  Why do people want to go through life this way?!  And we all know the old saying 'Misery loves company', well I totally get that.  It's so hard to stay clear of the grumpies when they seem to be everywhere and then it's VERY hard not to get sucked into the grumpy trap!  Thank God, He has my back and I don't have to get sucked in!  Happy Friday!

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