what WAS i thinking!

A short month, a full time job, AND two layouts????  who was I kidding??  Ok, so I still have two days to get the other layout finished and posted, but I'll be in Long Beach tomorrow, so the odds of that happening....well they're very very slim.  The good news is....I interviewed for my position last week; the bad news is....they still haven't announced the positions in our district  :(  The other good news is, I have another niece!!  That's why we're going to Long Beach tomorrow.  yea!!!   The other-other good news is that my parents are home from Africa safe and sound and they had a "life changing" trip!  Can't wait to hear all the details.  My mom and dad are also being featured in the World Vision/Women of Faith Ad that goes in the Women of Faith programs for the 2010 events around the country....pretty cool right?!?  As soon as I get one, I'll post the picture here.  Thanks for all your prayers for my folks. 

Anyway, sorry about the delay on the 2nd layout....again, what was I thinking?!  ;-)

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