A case of the mondays....

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Here's the latest about my job...  Two weeks ago I accepted a position with Home Depot that's called Associate Coordinator (AC).  The AC handles scheduling and training duties for the store.  So, I'm all ready to go full time and started my "training" at another store....and half way through the week, this is the news I get:  the AC position is being eliminated, as well as the HR generalists (2-3 per district HR managers).  Good thing is there is a new position titled Associate Support Department Supervisor, which is basically a combination of the scheduling and HR duties....perfect for me!  Especially since I know all the HR duties (even though I never had the title of HR manager, that's what I did for HD in Reno).  Problem is, since it's a "new" position, I have to re-interview.  Which also means anyone interested can interview as well...including the displaced HR managers (3 in my district).  Luckily, the Tehachapi store is the furthest away in our district and I don't think any of the HR generalists will apply to our store for the new position since they'd be taking a pay cut and having to drive an hour to get to work.  Still, it makes me a little nervous because I'm the new face in this district and I've been doing bookkeeping since moving here, so I've got to convince my store manager that I know and am capable of doing the new position.  Great thing is that my previous 2 store managers each wrote letters of recommendation for me (I am so thankful that they were very willing to write one for me) as well as one of the previous HR managers that mentored me in the HR program.  It's good to keep professional relationships going since you never know when you may need help! :)  Anyway, I haven't heard when I'll be interviewing again, so keep your fingers crossed for me!

Keep my parents in your prayers too!  They are in Africa this week and we don't have contact, so I'm just praying that they'll enjoy the adventure of seeing a totally different culture and environment (I'm praying for no bed bugs :)  Plus, I pray that my mom is able to get in enough hugs to last for a very long time since this is a once in a lifetime opportunity for my folks to be able to put their arms around the family that they've been able to impact so much through a wonderful organization called World Vision.  Check it out if you're interested in making a difference in a child's life!

And last but not least....since I'm having a "case of the Mondays", I thought I'd post a fun picture from our latest adventure.  Snowboarding in Mammoth....I forgot how much I missed sailing down the mountain with a board strapped to my feet!!!  WEEEEE!!!!

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