it died!

my computer finally died! really dead this time although I've tried my darndest to revive it over and over again. so now you're probably wondering how I'm able to write on my blog...my hubby's laptop. i think i finally get my own laptop (woo hoo!!) considering we've had our home computer since 2002....that's like 70 years old in computer age (or older!). bummer thing is that my Silhouette designs and software was all loaded on that computer rather than my external hard drive (doh!), so i'm sure that will take a while to get back when i get a new computer.

so, the bad news is... i won't be able to post pictures of the next layout kit for a while. i'll give you a hint about what it will be like...here is a picture of what inspired me. (i know, i know...of course it's from starbucks. they make the cutest gift cards, don't you think?!)
i'll be coming to Reno the 18th, 19th, and 20th (yay!). so let me know if you want a kit and I'll bring it rather than ship it!

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